We've been mostly cut off here from cell phones, emails (isn't it annoying when people write that, but obviously they are on a computer writing it now? Sort of like -- too busy to write back yet compulsively checking emails. Although to be honest I really do have a full Inbox now (mostly Spam most likely) and haven't read them b/c I see these work emails mixed in that give me the stomach plunge, and Alex and Wally are outside waiting for me to go roast marshmellows.) And it's been great to be out here BUT there is this strange looming thing which is that Saturday, at the end of our vacation, is the wedding of one of our one-time best friends Joe from Bayonne. And it's a wedding I partly set in motion, and we're not going for a whole bunch of reasons, mostly misunderstandings and a missed trip to Spain. Have this image of somehow crashing, just for a second, as they're walking down the aisle, to catch Joe's eye and try to make up for three years of barely speaking and see if he still believes in highways to ride, guitars to play and lots of room.


  1. woah. someday, in person, I want to hear this whole story...preferably over marshmallows.


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