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At the start of last November I posted "The Way Back" after a long absence. In between that date and now there are four drafts here, never published. No posts. No marked path that would offer a way back, let alone the way back. But a full journey around the sun, or just about. A friend who moved from Vermont to the country (this is a theme I love, like in J. Courtney Sullivan's Friends and Strangers and Elise Albert After Birth [wait, was it in After Birth that she left NYC? or did Elise Albert just write about leaving in Goodbye to All That? .  That one, the goodbye book,  I gave my first NYC roommate years after we arrived here and twice lived together, once on the Upper West and once in Brooklyn. Friends from college, we moved  together West 87th into a one bedroom with no kitchen owned by someone who played in Ghostbusters . This was when we just said hello to all this, to Bethesda Fountain, Max Fish, Columbus Bakery, dumplings on Mott street, wine on rooftops, b

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