Last night was the first dry happy hour I've ever attended. Tonight there's going to be pizza on the pool deck. On the way to the grocery store to get some stuff for Wally I asked my mom if she thought there'd be wine or beer or anything. She said "Oh no, of course there's not going to be anything like that." I bought a bottle of yellow tail pinot grigio and put it in the freezer just now. Wally's running around in swim diapers and most of the guests are just starting to arrive. The only scandals so far are a couple unexpected 2nd marriages, a few cold-shoulder greetings and one potential but unclear religious conversion.


  1. Wonderful...I feel like I'm being a voyeur to family scandal!

  2. Do tell: was the unclear religious conversation made clearer?

  3. Ridiculous that I'm just answering this now. Garbage Guru's Wife - haven't heard from you in a while, so not sure where you are, but we are back in the same setting again, two years later.
    Liz - I guess it's a born-again situation - but not Jews for Jesus so far as I can tell.


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