At the start of a family reunion weekend but on the Jewish side, so there are unlikely to be any alcohol-induced scandals that would make for good stories. Anyway I'll keep you posted. The wildest thing I've seen anyone do so far is jump in the pool with a light rain coming down. Plus most of the lights are out (including mine, typing here in the room where Wally's sleeping) and it's only 9:50. One more thing, please go listen to "Don't Forget Sister" by Low Vs. Diamond. Is this corny, derivative (U2, the Killers, whoever sang "Brilliant Minds") pop-rock or just roll-down-the windows and blast the radio and scream out your window ectastically and perfectly great? (I think the latter.) It's the kind of song I listen to and think for just a flash of a second this song is so good I kind of might be okay with dying which I know is not the most common litmus test of whether you like a song or not, and may fall into the "save that for your shrink" category. Anyway, let me know what you think.


  1. *this song is so good I kind of might be okay with dying*

    no, no, no, didn't (brilliant)

    So as for Don't Forget Sister, it's 1998 and you're on the radio and I'm listening to my walkman in the basement of the Hop and the last three stanzas and final refrain, I'm singing to you, and nothing less.


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