All you need is like 3 or 4 Brazilians in the one room at the same time and it's an instant party, especially if you have Sangria and someone hasn't seen someone else in at least seven years. Or I guess it should be caipirinhas or whatever that other drink is that I got wrong in Girl Drinks, but ever since Alex, my dad and I went to Acapulcos, this Mexican restaurant near my parents', a few months ago, I can't stop making Sangria. It's a great place. And the manager, Carlos, has my Spanish insults book and apparently makes good use of it with aggressive customers. I didn't write the insults themselves, just the scenarios you would need to use them in. I've always been really pretty good at getting easily annoyed.

There's no chance Wally's going to bed anywhere near on time tonight.

I realized I don't even know for certain if Joe from Bayonne is married or not. Our friend Yani asked yesterday, and I said I guessed so, but really had no proof one way or the other. Joe, are you?


  1. I seriously need to get a hold of that Spanish insult book. How did I not know about that? What else have you got up your sleeve, sneaky girl?

  2. Were you at the wedding, anon 1?


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