Just got in from a great night with my friends Margaret and Selina and had the memory of the summer after senior year when I would hand write a letter to friends and the Maynard Pool Hall gang after getting home by 1 (town curfew). Most often I'd write when my family was going out of town the next morning. I had so much more to say, so I'd send a letter to Stacy or Liz and tell them to read it to everyone else. There was that incredible urgency back then, but no way to get it out -- no texting, no emails, not a chance in hell you'd call your friend's home phone at that hour unless you'd planned it out precisely and they were waiting to pick up at a specified time before it even rang. I think we'd even call the Children's Museum story phone, so that the call would come in on call waiting and wouldn't wake anyone up. Otherwise we relied on letters and diaries and dreams.


  1. OH GOD THE STORY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing out loud! Yes!! The way we would get around the issue of the phone ringing past 10:00pm!! I think I still have a letter of yours (if not more than one) in my stash. Next time I see you I'll have to bring it out. Oh, the drama of those days... if you had to be gone (heaven forbid!) on a family vacation for even two days... missing the ongoing soap opera of the Maynard guys was just too much to bear. Hard to conceive now, huh?

  2. I can't believe I didn't respond to this Liz! I'm so mad at myself. Did you ever show me that letter? Missing the ongoing soap opera...exactly!!!!


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