Two separate blogs?

I had this idea of doing two separate blogs, one "We had waffles for breakfast" blog and one with a little tiny bit more thought put into it. Will figure out tomorrow.

They're out there speaking Portuguese. No one notices when I slip off.

We realized that only two couples remain from the wedding that took place in Sao Paulo 7 years ago (Alex's sister's wedding). That's me and Alex and his sister and her husband. All the others have broken up. And the weird thing too is that Alex and his sister haven't even spoken (Portuguese, English, Spanish or anything else) in nearly two years.

Speaking of past Dimestore drummers, apparently Than's band Black Gold played on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance.

Oh and speaking of past drummers, Ivan, the first one, is coming over tonight to talk about writing and music. He has a technology blog here, which is a lot more entertaining than it sounds.


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