In the end it was my toddler that bit me, not my pit-bull.

I discovered a few months ago that Wally and my once-and-future-past dog Sky are actually the same person. For example, would you be able to tell which one I was talking about if I said, "Cannot be confined" or "Eats off floor"? How about:

Most often described as "high energy", "rambunctious" and "a handful".
Takes up our entire bed.
Easy on road trips.
Runs at full-speed every opportunity.
Very affectionate.
Super high pain threshold.
Sometimes scares people.
Takes a nap every day.
Pushes boundaries.
Knocks things over.
Breaks things.
Makes inhuman, high-pitched noises.
Great companion.

Then again only one of them bites, and it's not the one who descended from a wolf. (He's stopped doing this, thankfully. In the past, when he did, and I'd whisk him into the stroller and take him home, this line would go through my head. I thought maybe it'd be a good opening to a short story. In the end it was my toddler that bit me, not my pit-bull.)

Oh, and here are a few pieces of photographic data which contradict above theory, but in the days of Photoshop and given the generally-agreed upon Principle of Newborn Indistinguishability, I'd say they're inconclusive at best.


  1. Wally in the straightjacket! Remember when he was a dirty comedian? "Adults are craaaaaaazy!"

  2. Ha! Not just your 21-month-old son has taken to jumping on my lap and smacking my head with his while our dog calmly cuddles next to me!

  3. addition to the list: "poops on the kitchen floor"

  4. brilliant realization! and yeah, you totally photoshopped those pics! i love wally the newborn and wally the boy. amazing what happens in two years. . . so have you seen sky lately? i mean, i guess you might catch a glimpse sometime when wally is strangely not in the room....

  5. Wow - I just realized you also described Jim to a tee, except he doesn't run that much anymore, or make high-pitched noises. I'm not sure if he has a high pain threshold either. Everything else - check! Including Jim's addendum.

  6. I need to get one of those baby straightjackets for Jim...if only they came in adult sizes! I guess that would just be a regular straightjacket then...

  7. Hey Hein, the adult swaddle was my idea!!!!

  8. By the way, Head is me- Alex - for Head Engineer at Broken Land Studios.

  9. And for my huge head that hangs over my long torso and short legs and arms.


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