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You don’t rush through yoga.
Rushing through the stretches wouldn’t make sense.
I’ve seen people speed-up salutations. Chant in double time. I've done it myself. 
But the challenge is holding the pose. Breathing. Staying still.
At the end of April I was getting back into the habit of daily free-writing every morning. I’ve been going in and out of the habit for over fifteen years. 
Yes—great! I’d think as I'd frantically scribble away. I’m doing it again. Committing to this habit that has the potential to bring so much insight and peace and steadiness to the day. Whatever other personal writing I get to later on, I'd tell myself as I grab my pen and my notebook, I'd have this for sure. My practice. I’m taking my own advice. And everyone else’s. 

Because it was private, just me alone at the table, starting again did not have a sense of dishonor about it that starting again with something even marginally public has for me.
I'd put on meditative music. Sometimes even light…

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