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The Day After Vegas

We don’t have a word for the kind of wondering we do the day after Vegas.
Wondering, with its root in wonder, its shades of casual speculation on the hand, or on the other, awe, is the wrong word. And yet I cannot think of the right one to describe what I experienced waking up today, mind pounding and throbbing as I tried to understand: What goes through their heads?
Not the heads of killers. Neurological factors, early abuse, frontal-lobe injuries—the perfect storm aggregate of risk factors for committing a bloodbath is far too rare and isolated to give us actionable data.
Although the headlines in the papers would have us think otherwise, we do not need to know the motive behind the killing. We do not need to understand what led to this particular bloodbath. We do not need to get inside the “mind” of another white gunman. Gun-man as Rebecca Solnit would have us remember. Gun. Man. Articles about the mind of a lone killer will get hits, clicks, posts, reposts, likes, retweets. They w…

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