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Everything takes a long time. Talk to a productivity expert, who will tell you to double or triple how long you think a task will take, then add a few hours onto that. Talk to any writer, who talks about draft upon draft upon draft. Putting in a full day and having almost nothing at all to show for it. 

I looked at the date of the last entry, and couldn't believe it's been nearly half a year since I posted here.

My friend Amie Reilly posted this a few days ago on her blog, the shape of me, her first post in an entire year. She writes, "I have notes. I have drafts. It didn’t go anywhere." 

I feel that way with so many projects. I have notes. I have drafts. It hasn't gone anywhere. 

Since I met Amie on the first day of grad school four years ago, we've shared the experience of feeling we're on the margins of the scholarly discussions we love because of motherhood, but in the center of everything because of motherhood, too. Our boys are exactly the same age. Ami…

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