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You will not write

It doesn’t matter if you put out overflowing bowls of cereal on Saturday night, all ready for the morning. If you have giant water bottles filled with fresh water. If you have milk within reaching distance in the fridge that is down low enough in the bottle that it is pour-able by 4-year-olds. It doesn’t matter if they are allowed to watch cartoons for 2 straight hours and if the 9-year-old is more than capable of navigating around the outrageous, seemingly infinite, number of options for what they can watch.
They will interrupt you again and again and again.
They will not accept, “I have to work.”
They will not accept, “I have to write.”
They will ask why. They will not stop to think—why should they?—that you have been home with them for three weeks now even though you have massive amounts of work that you need to do. People who work outside of the house, don’t have to field dozens of questions as they work about why they have to work.
Other people, you think, fuming, don’t have to const…

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