Red Alert: That's fingerpaint, not toothpaste

I need some kind of label for posts that are totally mom-in-sweatpants--nursery rhymes playing--non-washable crayon drawings on the wall--kids screaming--phone ringing but no one can find the phone type of entries. The ones that someone who is not a mom or dad or caretaker and not planning to ever be one would need toothpicks in order to read (to hold their eyes open).

I like to write those sometimes, but I also want to have a disclaimer about them. Because I know it's like
Oh God shoot me why would I care about cup-holders in strollers? But, I have to admit, now that I have crossed over to adding to the problem of overpopulation, I do kind of like a lot of the blogs and articles that talk about all the daily minutiae of sippy cups and witching hours and 5-minute-quick and healthy dinners that your kids might actually eat.

Any ideas? I thought of Toddler Time but it sounds overly upbeat and generic and weird, plus it's used for just about every toddler dance and sing class on the upper west side. Or should there just be like a warning at the top of each? For example yesterday's I would put in that category. Let me know if you think of anything. And those of you without kids who aren't planning to back up your hard drive (stole that from Ivan), let me know how you feel. Can you stomach hearing about potty training or does it make you want to run for the porcelain bus?


  1. You could label it "Spawners Only" or "Parent Geared"...depends what flavor you are aiming for....!

  2. Ooh ooh, I got one! Offspring Antics, then we can all laugh when the rock followers sign on to get their Perez style shock updates and find crayon painting on the toilet lid! They'll all wanna know what's in Dexter Holland's sippy cup then!

  3. guess I'm old-fashioned laissez-faire and prefer to create my own label, if I'm going to use one. consumer warnings for blog content unnecessary for me, Rachel!

    But if you really want something... looking at the labels you gave this post, specifically 'mom blog,' you could reverse it to "blogging mom," abbreviated "BM" and preface the post titles so tagged with "BM:" and then those in the know would be forewarned before linking to the full article.


  4. I agree labels are unnecessary :) But it made me think of when I was still nursing and pumping at work was a big part of my life (will I get enough for the week?? oh the drama). So my weekly email often had a recap of that week's output, and such recaps were prefaced with: <>

  5. How about NPR violation, as in (your own) New Parent Rules violation?

  6. Great suggestions - thanks - including Linda's to not label at all. Most (all?) from people with kids. Cookie Monster - hilarious point. After today's post I thought -- maybe more than for the kid-centered posts I need a warning label for the neurotic ones. But then I'd need something for the overly revealing ones and something for the overly nostalgic/sentimental ones and then the whole damn blog. Which reminds me a bit of a recent conversation with someone (if possible) more neurotic than me who said there are certain things she hides when she goes on a trip in case she dies and doesn't come back. I said I label certain notebooks "Don't Read" for the same reason. My dad pointed out later that the piles marked "Don't Read" would be the only ones anyone would have any possible interest in reading. Obvious, I suppose, but escaped me for years.


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