Get on with things

I thought I was posting too frequently. But now I am being criticized for not posting often enough lately (which is a good thing to be criticized for). Alex made homemade pizza tonight. Wally has a little fever but is in a great mood. My dad's here to help us go through my grandmother's stuff. I finished the revisions for my Jell-O Shots book today. Should be in stores -- Urban Outfitters first -- for spring. The photographer came a few weeks ago and carted all the leftover alcohol away. Made Sangria one last time tonight but it didn't work. Past end-of-summer feeling. Onto early fall. Feels like pushing iced coffee and tank tops too far into September. Give it up already. Get on with things.


  1. Wow, congratulations about the book, that is fantastic!

  2. I'd like to see you post the way they vote in Chicago: early and often.


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