You'll get there: Noncompliments Part III

Compliment someone and ruin their day at the same time!

Blindside friends with poorly-timed motivational statements!

Offend by omission, gracefully rub the wrong way, leave a vaguely unsettled feeling wherever you go!

(In truth, I appreciate people who can react to art/music/writing/outfits/hairstyles/marriages in many of the ways I’m listing. At least they are honest. When they do hand out praise, you know it’s genuine. When they say, “Wow!” just assume they mean something good.)

Let me know if I'm repeating any from Parts I and II.

It's a good start.

Go for it!

There's something intriguing about it.

You definitely have a unique style.

You cut your hair...well, it'll grow back soon.

Your work has really changed.

Never hurts to experiment.

You have some neat colors in there.


I’d love to see the rest.

Only you could get away with that.

That was brave.

My friend Bill really likes your songs.

Catchy title.

It’s good to take risks.

You look good lately.

The hard work is starting to pay off.

It's worthwhile even if you just do it for yourself.

I don't know if I like it so much because I know you or...

It's a start.

It shows that you put a lot of work into it.

More power to you.

I can't wait to see how your work develops.

I'm glad you're not self-conscious about how you dress anymore.

You're letting it all hang out.

Well I like it but it’s gonna be a tough sell.

I really like your earlier work.

It could actually turn into something kind of interesting.

Love the Dylan quote in there.

Look at you!

You’re really willing to put yourself out there.

You’ve got a great memory so your stories are good. I have to remember to jot things down more often.

Quiet intelligence is much better than blatant brilliance.

You’ll get there eventually.

You looked like you were having fun up there!

Also Jason, once of Satellite Lost said "How do you not mention 'Hey, good set' in the comments?"

One last thing. Liz sent this in:

"And -- the best part of the Seinfeld episode, the clincher, is actually towards the end of the episode, when Elaine tries (but fails) to get closure on the "breathtaking" comment --

Elaine: Well, to tell you the truth, Dr. Feffa, I, I was surprised to hear you use a word like breathtaking to describe a baby, I mean, because you also used it referring to me.

Ben: Well, you know Elaine, sometimes you say things just to be nice. (Elaine relieved, then confused, not knowing if he was being nice to her or to the baby)."


  1. haha! glad to see you got my aunt's quote in there! she could write a whole chapter for you!

  2. Usually I lead a comment with a compliment, but now I'm insecure about compliments. Well, I suppose you can add "I'm insecure about compliments" to the list. Fun!

  3. How about - " Hey, I really like the third song. Is that a cover?

  4. oh man this is good. book, please.

  5. On the office, stanley says to andy about sweeney todd show "Interesting subject matter. I'm surprised you pulled it off."


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