New pet peeve:
When you ask someone if his or her partner or spouse is coming along as well and the answer is a brisk, "No, he's in Florida!" with an "of course not" tone as if the impossibility of the person being able to come makes the question stupid.


  1. As in, he's always in Florida because they divorced/broke up 6 months ago and you didn't notice? I dunno Rach, sounds like that's your bad. ;)

  2. Yes and,

    "Can we meet at this time?"
    "Oh, I have to host so-and-so at my blah blah...and then the following week I'll be in Spain!"

    not that there's anything wrong with that...but a simple, "No" could work...or could it? Maybe it's a way of people feeling like they're letting you (us) down easy.

  3. Rhonda - I'm sure that's happened too, where the question was not only dumb but inappropriate and wildly insensitive. Ha!
    Leah - Yes! What does the following week in Spain have to do with not being able to meet at this specific time? Altho it could be she/he means, it won't be for a while, and I'm not blowing you off...That one depends on who it is. Friend (where Spain trip relevant) or not. If latter, quite annoying. Also a litany of everything the person has to do that precludes meeting -- errands, birthdays, overdue work, dinner party, aerobics. A "poor me" attitude often attends such lists. Or is it simply a "Look at my balancing act!" Like a kid, asking you to watch her on the jungle gym.


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