This was not scripted

I just had to post this photo to show that I wasn't exaggerating in #9 on Top 11 Reasons I'm glad I'm a mom. These are my nieces and young cousins at Thanksgiving 2008. They didn't know they were being caught on film by dad up in the loft; this is what they chose to do. Hang out and watch a 9 month old bob and weave for a wooden mouse in his pack n' play. They’ve always paid so much attention to Wally, even before he was born. Three years ago Charlie (now 12) said he couldn't wait for February because that's when Wally would be born, and Leah knocked on my belly and asked when he was coming out. I don't know why they like him so much, but we’re really lucky they do. And we've been so lucky in general just to have these young cousins, which is another benefit of someone having kids on the later side (my uncle, plus it helps that he's 9 years younger than my mom). I always get mixed up and think they're my niece and nephews. After my sister and I were onto rum balls and gifts of the scarf or hand-lotion variety at Christmas, we got to watch these kids open giant UFO frisbees and spy kits and magnetic dolls.  And then we got to play with them. Now they watch our kids open teddy bears and fairy costumes. And after the 3 little kids go to bed, the rest of us play the New Yorker Cartoon game. Holidays always have little people around to laugh when someone spills cranberry sauce. People who greet you out at the driveway and are taller than you expect them to be. People who jump up and down with excitement, at just about anything you suggest.


  1. isn't it great? I have 3 nieces, 1 nephew, and 1 more nephew on the way in January. As of February there will be 9 grandchildren ages 12 and under. In fact, the 3 current youngest were born within 6 months of each other (niece in August 06, Jesse in Nov, nephew in Feb 07). I'm anxious for Josh's brothers to have kids, but since they aren't married or even dating, I guess it could be a while...

  2. Yes, Rhonda, I love it. And actually babysitting my nieces is what made Alex want to have a kid himself!

    Hein - he totally had one -- it was awkward tho, didn't really work.


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