My cousin Leah Fisch's latest post on productivity. I find it so very true that the reason certain items stay on my To Do list so long is that the first baby step to getting them done has some (often ridiculous) anxiety attached, but that first step is hidden by various layers so I don't even register that block. For me it's often a fear I missed the deadline for something, a contest, a gift card, a reimbursement, so I put off even checking if I missed it, thereby magnifying the chances that--if I haven't already--I certainly will. 


  1. Your cousin's post about organization and productivity really has me thinking. The Matryoshka doll, un-nesting each step until you get to that first, smallest stumbling block is such a helpful visual. I've felt completely blocked with many small household projects and a few other things, too. Just reading that post made me feel more motivated and has me asking myself, what's the first small step? I end up staring at the whole pending pile, and as she says, wanting to take a nap! Great info--thank you for posting!

  2. It's amazing how helpful it is to break it down. And I agree, the Matryoshka doll is a great visual. I'm so glad you found it helpful! Leah will be, too.


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