Jello Shot distraction

Sorry I've been drowning in Jell-O shots** so I haven't been posting. I'm also working on a little YA project for the same Editor which has been terribly fun and feels somehow illicit. I told my best friend (a world-class physicist) about the project and she had this to say:

"To keep their shape, the jello needs to be primarily solid. As the alcohol content increases, the polymerization of the jello is inhibited such that it becomes more fluid-like. At a critical threshold of alcohol, no solidification occurs. This transition can be measured with a rheometer."

Wally is sleeping under the huge, white comforter he filched from our bed (fits it all in his crib somehow) after a disastrously and inexplicably cranky morning (for him...and for me...).

** (not literally--although two Australians did actually fill a pool with 7,700 gallons of Jell-0 in 1981. Perhaps an attempt to disprove the dessert's famous slogan "There's always room for Jell-O"?)



  2. Thanks -this article ran in Metro a few weeks ago


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