Twelve Things I Learned from Hein Koh

1. Write every day whether you want to be a writer or not.

2. If something is bothering you with a good friend, honor the friendship enough to address it.

3. See as much of the world as you can.

4. Name your band something memorable like “Speedy Vulva”.

5. Don’t act according to obligations, it will make you feel overwhelmed and irritated and more importantly, it’s not genuine.

6. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Do not complain about the time or money involved in their procurement and preparation.

7. If people ask for your opinion, be brave enough to give it.

8. Don’t expect strong friendships or relationships without putting any effort into them.

9. Use the library, even if it means waiting weeks for books you're dying to read. It saves money, resources, and space in your apartment.

10. If someone has a leech on her toe that she got while swimming in the Connecticut River and didn’t notice for several hours, grab a lighter and burn it off.

11. Give yourself lots of time alone.

12. Be open to change, even in your wedding vows.


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