7:30 is the New Sleeping In

This morning we were deadbeat parents and let Wally watch Elmo videos from 5 until 7:30. He did check in every 10 minutes or so to pull the blanket off us and perform his patented one-second cuddle.

Yesterday my sister took me to Alice's Tea Cup on West 73rd. We had the mad hatter's tea for two and it was just amazingly good.

I am trying to convince her to start her own "mom's blog" because she's such a great mom with all kinds of fantastic advice and the two sweetest girls you've ever met. Plus when Wally was born she handed me this ingenious list of newborn advice--stuff you never find in any of the what to expect when you suspect you might be expecting books--and she was the ONLY person not wearing scrubs who knew how to swaddle the baby without posing a suffocation hazard.

Oh and lately I cannot tear myself away from Lenore Skenazy -- check out her blog Free-Range Kids.


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