You can’t trick the universe.

I wondered --in dreams, are other people themselves or parts of you? It doesn’t matter, it’s the same thing as in real life – they're both.


  1. I think therefore I am--thinking. We are part of a universe that is a vinyl album. The universe is spinning and everything is always happening--if we can't see it we can hear it. It simply depends upon where you put the needle down. We can see a white dwarf explode for the first time (from our perspective) even though empirical science quantifies this as an event that occurred a billion years ago. See it's still happening--it's always happening and time is turning a trick on the corner of our logic. The needle may be on Where the Streets Have No Name and we can hear it chiming but we can also see With or Without You it dormant or are we dancer? We are all part of the same big, beautiful, needle popping off the surface, deeply grooved, sometimes warped, vinyl album.

  2. Peter - this was going to be one of the entries that I later delete so it doesn't go into the archives, but your comment is so wonderful, I'll have to keep it.

  3. Thank you. I won't bore you with my thoughts on 8 tracks...


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