The Law of Super-Long Naps on Days You Are Rushing to Get Out the Door

This is a law. Not Murphy's Law or something you'll go to jail for breaking or a bit of folklore wisdom like "Never wake a sleeping baby (or dragon)" but an actual law of physical properties on par with the laws of gravity and motion: If something immutable is scheduled for the early afternoon, your baby or toddler will choose that day, and that one day only, to take a super-long nap.

I guess the "I'm stuck" "Let go" answer to that is -- Don't schedule anything anywhere near the possible outer reaches of nap time. And after way too many "Are we having fun yet?" moments of racing a screaming baby down 9th Ave to get to a music class or meet a friend I've pretty much stopped doing it. But today we have a make-up scheduled for the sensory gym (at a new gym, in fact, without a dressed up bear as far as I know) and there really was no other time at all the therapist could do it. I wasn't over-accommodating anyone; it wasn't one of those Didn't she catch the hesitation in my voice? type things. If we didn't have an appointment, I'd be clicking my heels now not to have heard a peep out of that room and instead every five minutes or so I am looking at the clock thinking, "Are you f*cking kidding me? What in God's name is going on in there?" But a law is a law.

On a separate note the gym with the bear is actually closing, or at least stopping for a while. Wally was going to be the last student left. I can't understand that. It was really overall a pretty great place except for those two incidents. Luckily we get to keep the OT. Anyway -- I'm going in now to wake up this sleeping bear.


  1. That law is fact. Just yesterday I had to wake BOTH my kids at 4:30pm to go pick up our dog before 5pm! WTF? I neve get two long-sleeping sound sleeping kids let alone at once!

  2. Yes!! I know. And my friend FF pointed out that it works the other way to. On the day you absolutely need to make an important call, they're up in a flash. Unbelievable!


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