A Single Step

Doesn't it feel so good sometimes to just start your work? To stop jumping up from the chair to straighten up a bit? (And if you could see the view from here -- I'll show you a pic -- you'd never believe any straightening up was done at all.)

To stop trying to figure things out on email - plans, stuff you need to do for the PTA (bring a dish tomorrow for parent/teacher conferences), stop wondering when you'll get to the store to buy the things to make the dish for tomorrow's conferences. Remembering that oh yeah you need to be at the parent/teacher conference tomorrow, too.

To stop racing with how much you can get done today and how much time to devote to which project...and how you'll manage everything this weekend...and whether you'll need a sitter Saturday afternoon between Alex's soccer and a baby shower brunch...

And instead to pick one project...

to turn on Mozart (dreaming of images from Sunday's performance of The Other Mozart starring your neighbor Jody)

and start working.

Once you start working, often, everything seems to fall into place. 

You will do what you can today in the time that you have.

And if you have time later tonight, you'll dream about that purple house in the window, and who lives inside it.


  1. Yes! Despite waking up with a sore throat and terrible headache, I got to work, got those words down on the page. I wrote by hand, without judgement, the way I promised myself I would. And you're right, it feels so good! I love these photos of your home!

  2. "You will do what you can today in the time that you have."
    I should tattoo this on the back of my hand.

  3. Sarah - sorry for your sore throat and terrible headache! Writing by hand without judgement - so great when we can manage to do that. Oh I wish that was our house but that's from a block in Chelsea that I was walking by yesterday.

    Amie (heart/smiley face & thank you)


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