This woman lives up on a hill with a bunch of animals in a book called Ideas Are All Around Us by Philip C. Stead. We had just twenty extra minutes to get ready today, and it made all the difference. We read this book out on the porch with coffee (for me) and the rain coming down outside. I remembered everything I was supposed to pack or bring for both kids. Later we made banana bread and homemade cookies. And even did yoga. Alex played jazz and we danced. (The kitchen is a mess.)


  1. Oh wow! It sounds like you caught a magical Monday! Coffee on the porch in the rain, nothing forgotten, baking, yoga, jazz and dancing? Just makes me wish I was sitting there in your messy kitchen having a cup of tea and a chat. Hope your night is just as peaceful. :)

  2. Porch = terrace? I love that picture.

  3. This image is the best. I miss you guys so much.


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