Outside St. Paul's Chapel they played Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" (with horns) and gave us white ribbons to tie around the fences there. Kristin recognized the music, not me.  

St. Paul's Chapel across from the WTC

At various points today I tried to think through September 11, through the other days when I attempted. For instance, here, and here, and here

The view today

I decided at one point to stop and be still. No book or journal even. Just still and quiet on the porch. I noticed--I can't believe I hadn't noticed this before--a picture of the old pre-9/11 NYC skyline, taken by Alex's friend Marcio, who has since moved back to Brazil.

Marcio's picture



  1. I love St. Paul's. What a beautiful way to honor the day, a moment of stillness that allowed you to see the old skyline.


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