Farm to Table

Yes Petra was upset she wasn't getting to use the ruler here. Please ignore her crabby, I usually nap at this time, face.

World's longest string beans grown from seed in our urban garden. (As it turns out they're actually not actually the longest, but we like to call them that.)

First forays into sharp-knife usage. 

Wally really likes Top Chef Junior thanks to his friend Logan. He made a dip for the beans with soy sauce, sesame seed oil, garlic and ginger. At the last minute he added a bit more than a tiny drop of hot chili oil, which meant neither he nor Petra really ended up eating much of it. 

As a side note, my brother-in-law got to the final round (it may also have been the only round) of Top Chef competition on the cruise.

I've always wanted to have a farm. Heather and I dreamed all through elementary school that one day we would own one. It's only here in Manhattan that I've ever really grown anything. Kind of "the only Zen you find at the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring"* kind of thing, except with string bean seeds. 

*Robert M. Pirsig


  1. Wow! Those are amazingly long string beans! From the pics, I'd thought you were maybe rolling out some spinach pasta. It's so satisfying harvesting veggies from the garden, which reminds me, we have some peppers to pick before our groundhog digs another hole under the fence!

  2. First of all, those beans are amazing! And I love Wally's independence...the knives, the cooking. And "Zen with String Bean Seeds" sounds like a title for a collection of essays. Or a novella.

  3. Thanks both for appreciating these! Yes Amie, you're right...wonder if it could be adapted to a children's book. Thanks for the idea.


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