How big a bug would you tolerate in your Bok Choy?

Warning: this is the smallest problem anyone could possibly face. Not just the size of the bug but literally, by any reasonable standard of measurement, what I'm about to address is the most inconsequential problem facing anyone in the world right now.

I had the best Bok Choy at my friend Mary W's house a few weeks ago and kept saying (and sounding incredibly provincial I guess) that I'd never had Bok Choy at someone's house before. Like saying one had never heard jazz when they weren't out at brunch sipping mimosas and eating  brioche French Toast.

Anyway, I thought it'd be great to try to replicate her recipe and I was just now cutting the Bok Choy--before even washing it--and found a miniscule bug. That was fine and I was about to cut that part out when I found one that's good 3/4-inch long (dead but really deeply embedded). I know bugs are a good sign, and my mom would roll her eyes at me and chop that part out too, just like worms in apples or corn cobs. But honestly, would you be okay with this? 


  1. I'd have to know what Bok Choy was and how much I was looking forward to eating it. I'd tolerate pretty much any sized bug in my Ben & Jerry's.

  2. I think the more bugs the better, they must have survived the chemicals, so maybe either the chemicals weren't so bad (which would be a good thing), or the bugs are getting stronger (in which case we should fear for our lives)?

  3. It was also the insidiousness of the bugs -- the fact that they were so deeply hidden and wrapped up inside. But k.b.e., I think you are right the more the better. The stuff that scares us is not the stuff killing us.

  4. I think one should take all bugs in any veggies, very personally. Bugs do like to crawl in and cozy up, that's not unusual. Always wash your veggies first...a quick dunking and then rinse each leaf. If you cut without washing any bacteria or pesticide can leach into the food. Also, cut away where the field cut was made.
    Bok Choy is very high in calcium and other good things. I like to put it in soups and stir fries.


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