Meant to post this beautiful piece my grad-school-mom friend Amie wrote for Mothers Always Write. So I'll post it tonight. (For some reason I am thinking of Ani Defranco out of nowhere.)


  1. I loved that post. Also teared up as I read boy is almost 8 and in the in between. And soon it won't even be that way.
    And I read That mom blog post and that was harsh!! Whew. So true in so many ways. Not sure if you consider yourself a mom blog, but I read your posts!
    Also- did you ever listen to "the past didn't go anywhere, did it" by Utah Phillips and ani Difranco? I think you would like that album.
    Untouchable face was my all time favorite song of hers but I can't listen to it anymore with these little ears everywhere. Of course I love the usual suspects- both hands and 32 flavors. I LOVE her. Saw her at beacon theater circa 1999 and she was as amazing as possible.

  2. Holly - so nice to hear from you. Yes, it really is a lovely piece she wrote - and you're right, we have to hold onto the in-between because soon it won't be that. I don't think I know that song with Utah Phillips - will listen. Love Untouchable face and 32 flavors, both hands, to the teeth, little plastic castle, most all of much...oh yes I saw her I think on that same tour and once earlier, spring 95...mesmerizing

  3. Thank so much, Rach! I love that you were thinking about Ani when you posted this!! You so get me. I was also a superfan girl in the late nineties. And I still hear lines echo in my head all the time. Gah, I miss the days of blaring Little Plastic Castles and singing and smoking cigarettes til my voice gave out...

  4. Amie! that's hilarious - we never spoke about Ani. Although I guess it's not all THAT surprising that we both liked her (Sarah as well)...but's funny that your piece conjured memories of those pre-baby days in a coffee shop in a city which is every coffee shop in every city...

  5. Don't forget Hour Follows Hour.


  6. The picture keeps getting that one.


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