Isn't it weird to me to go to a blog you've never been to and see the latest post where the person wrote in media res like everything was normal and she was just going on about her day and was planning to keep writing but then that's the last post. Like from 2011 or something? Which in blog-world seems like so incredibly long ago. Did something awful happen, or did the blog author just get distracted? Start a new job? Begin an affair? Lose interest? It doesn't seem like you would lose interest that quickly, it seems like it would fade out, like the last few posts would signal a shift, but maybe it was fading out. Maybe that first post you read--the last post she wrote--was deflated, maybe, to the people who knew her, she already sounded far away.


  1. I know what you mean. There are a lot of blogs that end abruptly like that.

  2. It's so odd - isn't it? Unsettling.

  3. I've seen that too. Like an online Irish goodbye. Leaves you wondering...


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