My sister sent me this article with the single word "Bingo" attached. Please read it now. "Having it All Kinda Sucks" by Amy Westervelt. 


  1. With two year old hanging off my boob while I try and write tonight, I say AMEN to this! I'd seen it circulating, but hadn't actually stopped to read it until now. Thank you for posting!

    From a recent podcast with Phoebe Wahl, "Feminism is about the systematic destigmatization of all things female."

  2. I will look for that podcast! I am still in the bedtime marathon - but poked out here for a minute.

  3. Wow, thanks for the link. I've been kind of absent from social media lately and missed it. So many things I love, but this paragraph especially : )
    We need to make it truly okay for women to opt out of working, too. Not sort of okay, but behind your back everyone thinks you're wasting your potential, so then you feel like you have to parent the shit out of your kids and run yourself ragged taking them to activities and teaching them things. But, like, really okay where you can have your friends over for mimosas in the afternoon and lock those little animals in the backyard for an hour if you feel like it, because Jesus Christ spending all day with a small child is exhausting and infuriating and any sane human would need an hour off.

  4. Yes! I know - that paragraph captures so much. The running ragged bit goes a long way to explaining the current overparenting trend, always trying to prove something.


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