Stopping by the Plants on a Sunny Morning

Begin again. 

Again, begin again. 

Not in the same place we were last time, though.

We know more.


  1. Yes, beginning again, but from a different place! How often I forget to credit the wisdom from everything that came before. Your garden is already thriving! I have some swiss chard poking up through the dirt and the first sign of broccoli. Still much planting to be done around here!

  2. Hi Sarah!
    We only have part of the patch that you see in the photo. Those thriving Irises are not ours..and the Lily of the Valley has invaded...but I love it & let it stay. We do have either collard greens or some kind of kale that grew to outrageous proportions throughout the "winter" such as it was. You're right—we're not starting at our usual starting place. It's like a rough draft we have to hack away at for a while, before moving forward again. I am picturing your yard from that eerily gorgeous warm day in February. What a dream to get to plant with abandon...but a lot of energy to care for it, too.

  3. Gorgeous words; gorgeous photo. I love the line of light in the left-hand side, like it's coming to wash over everything in sight. Summer is on its way!

  4. I love that you appreciate that light, Kelly. I "worried" (a bit strong but close enough) that the lighting was off on the photo yet you've transformed it with your words. Thank you.

  5. I love this. The light, the springing hope of the garden, and your words. I have been making a great effort to put my judgements and expectations aside and adopt a beginners mind of late. It sort feels like a weight lifting. When I feel concern, or over analysis of past choices (mine or others), too much hope for a certain outcome, I try to simply breath and be. It is certainly important to learn from the past, but also not to dwell in or on it. That is where your words carried me.

    “If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything, it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's mind there are few. ”

    I would love to visit your garden with a cup of coffee, in the early morning, when the streets are still quiet.

  6. Pure poetry! Yes! The weight lifting...I feel it too. Trying to be gentler with myself. More patient. Realize that my frantic way of trying to get things done doesn't work...tortoise and the hare lesson again and again and again. I love that quote so much. I need to let go of ruminating on past choices or behaviors, let go of my attachment to a certain outcome. Please come flying to the garden soon so we can meet with coffee in the morning. I think of your line so often: "Over the city, you can hear the birds."


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