Getting our voices back

A glimpse in The Washington Post into Laura Moser, the mom/writer behind the fabulous Daily Action. It is the easiest kind of activism around. Just put your phone number in to that site, and you'll get daily texts with a number to call and that will connect you to your senators. You'll even get a little briefing each day on what issue to tackle.  

Happy to say Writers Resist accepted a prose poem I sent. Not sure when they'll publish it yet. 

Their magazine is one of the few resistance-related sites that doesn't give me heart palpitations each time I visit. It reminds me to take the time to think through and process current events, not just subject myself to an onslaught of news, with Kurtz at the end of The Heart of Darkness caught in a continuous feedback loop of "The horror! The horror!" 

It's sunny outside. 37 degrees. Winter weather, for which I'm so grateful.

#resistance abounds.

Please read Sandra Simonds, Cape Fear, North Carolina

Wally kicked off a #Swubble effort today with a letter to a new pen pal friend in North Carolina. The idea is for kids in different states to write (real letters!) to each other. I hadn't coached him to write about anything political and he didn't. Yet it was fitting that he wrote about studying bridges and reported that he had lost his voice yesterday, "But now I have it back." 


  1. Rachel, your words are exactly what I needed tonight. Congratulations on the poem at Writers Resist!! I can't wait to read it! I was just listening to the Dear Sugar podcast of the Writers Resist event in Portland. Swooning over this line from Reverent Madness: "rebaptize our snarling tongues." Wally's letter couldn't be more perfectly metaphorical and poetic. And thank you for the link to Daily Action! I signed up and passed it along to friends.

  2. Thanks both. Oh that line is so good "rebaptize our snarling tongues" I will jot that down instantly. It appears there are 2 groups sprung forth from the horror of DT, both named Writers Resist. I see one of your favorites, Lydia Yuknavitch, spoke on the Sugar podcast. I'll have to listen. Glad you signed up for Daily Action - you won't be disappointed. DeVos vote today! Let's pray it's a no go.

  3. Congrats on the pub!! That's fantastic!! And thank you for the link to the Simonds poem. Gorgeous and haunting and perfect.

  4. The pen pal thing is a fabulous idea! I think we need this for grown-ups, too...

  5. Thanks both of you. Our working site so far

    Yes Kelly - for grown-ups, too, I think you're right.


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