Metal Frames

1940s bed frames

I kinda wish I'd taken a picture of all the different versions of the kids' bedroom, starting with the way my grandmother Miriam had it with the big mirror over the dresser and the little table built into the wall. 

Tomorrow we're getting rid of the bed frames Wally has been using for the past five years or so. These weren't my grandmother's beds, rather they were always in the other room, the den. It's a day bed, where one collapses and slides under the other, but for the past half year we've left them mostly side-by-side with the kids sleeping next to each other.

Alex has some guys from the building coming to get the frames for bulk pickup. I'm so mad at him because I wanted to try to give it away on Freecycle but Alex refused. (It's hard to line up the timing for that with the building's rules about the elevator and Alex feared it would become a hoarding situation where we'd never get the frames out.) The main drawback of these beds is the injury danger of the metal frame. People are always getting hurt on them. It seems odd to give them away now, though, when the kids are 3 and 8. 

Our neighbor-friends are passing on their kind of bunk bed to us tomorrow (the Ikea bed where one kids sleeps on the floor).

The day bed been in this apartment my entire life, but I never saw the frame before. It turned out to be so small.

Last night Wally cried himself to sleep about giving it away.

I'm not able to write any more about the meaning of this (if there is any to even draw out) but I felt the need to mark it on the night that the room is in this odd state of disarray.

I was looking at this adorable book Craft for the Soul by Pip Lincolne and she says she "love[s] going to sleep at night." 

I want to be one of those people who wants to get into bed. I don't like to go until I'm so tired I am literally falling over. I'm still a little bit on West Coast time so even up until 1 am last night I was still feeling pretty wired, unusual for me, ever since having kids. 


  1. This brought back memories! My sisters and I all had day beds, two with trundles. They were always so handy for sleepovers, which happened a lot at our house.

    That can't be easy, to part with a piece of furniture that's been there your entire life. But it does feel good to change things up, and hopefully Wally will be excited today for his new bunk bed!

    I would like to be one of those people who doesn't like to go to bed until I am literally falling over. :)

  2. Yes! Trundles so great for sleepovers. I love houses where beds come whipping out for people to stay over. Such a great feeling. Thanks for this positive note. They're both excited now for the new bed and you're right it is great to change things up!

    I can't figure out how people motivate to get into bed earlier than the fall-over point. There's a major block I feel (probably anxiety). How do you do it?

  3. Why are you getting rid of them?

  4. You know what? Here I sit at 9:30 pm trying to come up with my daily post, and I'm ready to fall over. So, it's not that I go to bed before that point, it's just that I reach that point earlier! However, I am an insomniac and not the best sleeper. (I take magnesium before bed and it does help my anxiety and overall sleep.)
    That's terrific that both kids are excited for the new bed! It must feel like an adventure. :)

  5. I see what you mean and it certainly makes sense that someone struggling with insomnia is going to feel tired earlier. Last night I made the mistake of falling asleep super early with the kids, which turned into a nap and had me up for hours in the middle of the night. Did I use that time to write or even read? No! Why can't I? Have to get better at that. Glad the magnesium is helping...

  6. Oh Bearette I meant to say - a couple reasons - one is the beds we are getting passed down to us from a neighbor will save a lot of space (bunk beds, kind of) and also the metal frames have always been a problem (people getting hurt on them).

  7. This has me in tears. "It turned out to be so small." There's so much in that...and Wally being upset about giving it away. It's childhood, and not knowing the weight of small things, and the emotions we coil around things, and the depth of change...I love this.
    Also, speaking of small and not-so-small, the kitten got so big!

  8. You're so kind to have this reaction! And to notice so much...


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