Reading this to help me review for a French exam next week. The covers are all so pretty, n'est-ce pas? (I haven't spoken a word of French since I left Toulouse after a foreign study 20 years ago!) 


  1. French exam?? How do you fit it all in? I am in awe. I haven't spoken a word of French in about twenty years when I studied in Lacoste. It was such a dreamy time. And the moment I left, the French language left my brain.
    Good luck on your exam!

  2. Thank you Sarah! It's a requirement for the masters (I still don't know if that's master's or masters!? seems to be different everywhere). It was such a dreamy time for me too, those months in France...Ca me reviens dans une inondation.

  3. Yes, I like the top cover especially...makes me want to read it

  4. My copy of Bonjour Tristesse has the cover third from the top. I recognized it immediately even though I haven't thought of this book in ages. French was my passion until I started writing--and then for years (still) I felt unfaithful. It's nice to hear others throw the phrase "20 years ago" around even though I know you all are much younger than me!

  5. Bearette - if you read it, tell me what you think! (It's a very quick read.)
    Cynthia - cool you have the book - in French? I don't know if I'm all that much younger. I do find it a bit distressing to toss around "20 years ago." I remember my friend and I as kids being horrified that our parents said "10 or 20 years ago" as if they were roughly the same thing - and now I understand better.

    1. Rachel, yes in French. If you have 2 young children, you ARE that much younger...I am 58 : )


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