55 degrees and sunny

Leaving Minneapolis soon. City swarming with MFAs and lovely printed journals. I got to write a bit, not a paper for class, but whatever was in my own head. Got to drink coffee quietly in the morning by the fireplace in the lobby, wine sometimes in the evening by myself at the bar with a book of poetry. First time ever staying in a hotel room by myself. Man. Wow. Probably first time since college waking up three mornings in a row by myself, without a roommate, a partner, a friend, a parent, a dog, a baby in sight, someone else's demand or what I imagine to be his or her demand or just my own compulsion to engage in discussion immediately and relentlessly. And I got to see cousins I haven't seen in fifteen years and their mysterious Minneapolis life that was so old Hollywood glamour for the mom and dad and Norman Rockwellian for the kids (the ones my age and their own children). They said it was not usually like that in April, the windows thrown open and the bbq going strong on the porch. Usually snow lasts until June. But the ground and skies are clear now. Leaving for the airport soon. Lots more to say when I return.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time. I've never been to Minnesota but there's a fun mystery series set there...Joanne Fluke.


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