Only in Manhattan! (Or maybe Park Slope)

I went on a school tour today of a public elementary school with the most unbelievable enrichment programs offered during the day -- art, music, musical theater, dance, cooking, swimming, learning to ride a bike. They grow their own vegetables that the kids cook and eat for lunch and they even have their own chickens! At one point we were down at the pool listening to the tour guide tell us about how every week all 2nd graders through 5th graders have swimming class. Parents don't even have to deal with wet swimsuits sent home in the backback because they are laundered on site along with the towels after each class. As we were being ushered out of the pool area one mom resisted, saying she wanted to "see how cold the water is". This is a pool! At a public elementary school for crying out loud. Who cares if the water is arctic? 


  1. She's lucky the guide didn't immediately baptise her in the pool, thereby punishing and sanctifying her in a single stroke.

  2. was this the one in our neighborhood?

  3. Sounds like. Ps 11 must take tour soon


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