Thoughts on a Rainy Tuesday

Trying to psych myself up for Obama phone bank tonight. Flashbacks to high school volunteering in the summer for Eastern Mass Literacy Program. I remember sitting in the basement calling people to ask if they'd be willing to come to some event or donate or volunteer to tutor illiterate adults. Before dialing each number I had to give myself a pep talk and swallow a bunch of times and clear my throat. And I'm pretty sure we still had a rotary phone in the basement at that time so even once I started dialing there was still a long way to go. 

The smell of baked potatoes in the oven I think is just one of the coziest things in the world especially on a chilly, rainy day like this.

Wally home from school today for staff development day. Between the Jewish holidays, this kind of stuff and Columbus day coming up it doesn't seem like there's a single full week of school. Which I know is ridiculous because when I first started Wally at this school I was bemoaning the fact that it was every day for five hours and now I'm like -- another day off or another early pickup are you kidding me? Can't a mom catch a break? 

This Obama video reminds me so much of Friday Night Lights in a really good way.

This summer in Virginia I saw someone wearing a Riggins jersey and I thought that was kinda weird, to be such a fan of Friday Night Lights (the TV show) that you'd wear a shirt with the name of a character on it (Tim Riggins) like he was a football player in real life but then it turns out there's someone named Riggins on some football team that plays in Virginia and I kind of made a fool of myself. 


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