Hostility-Filled Greetings from Barcelona

New Spanish insults book coming out in June, published by Skyhorse. 

Do you think Rachel Perez is a convincing pen-name? Or does it sound like someone who'd write trashy romance novels? As an aside, I have started writing a trashy romance novel with a new mom friend. It's a thriller, too. We are halfway through. Yes!! (ducking under paint-stained blanket) I admit to starting a brand new project before finishing any of the other ones I've been "working" on. But in this tag-team fashion the book has proven fairly effortless to write. Whenever you lose momentum, you just stop writing, and the other one picks up from there, so there's no empty filler. Plus, I'm always excited to find out what happened. It's Desperate Housewives in book form for the urban set, with moms for younger kids and a bit more of a critical eye toward modern parenting.


  1. I think you just found the perfect pitch for it - "Desperate Housewives in book form for the urban set" - yes!

    I want to read the Spanish insult book!

    I think Rachel Perez sounds like a Brazilian soap star. Sassy, feisty, flashing eyes...

  2. Haha!! Brazilian soap star would be a perfect alt-ego for writing these thriller/romance books. (I think Alex *was* named after a Brazilian soap star. I have to ask him.) Glad you think the pitch is right. Wonder if we'll end up changing the title (although a friend of mine said she'd buy it based on the title alone.) Thanks for commenting. I get the feeling things are building to a climax.


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