Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Further notes on Bok Choy debacle

Oh and I forgot to say this was inside a plastic-wrapped container from Trader Joe's. It's not like it was fresh or from the Farmer's Market or something. Then of course I would have expected bugs. Today k.b.e. and I decided to brave the Bok Choy for lunch (remember her bravado in yesterday's comments), and as she went to wash it she found a fossilized bug, something covered with a white sort of cocoon, or possibly mold. Vince, would you still really just wash it off and eat it?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How big a bug would you tolerate in your Bok Choy?

Warning: this is the smallest problem anyone could possibly face. Not just the size of the bug but literally, by any reasonable standard of measurement, what I'm about to address is the most inconsequential problem facing anyone in the world right now.

I had the best Bok Choy at my friend Mary W's house a few weeks ago and kept saying (and sounding incredibly provincial I guess) that I'd never had Bok Choy at someone's house before. Like saying one had never heard jazz when they weren't out at brunch sipping mimosas and eating  brioche French Toast.

Anyway, I thought it'd be great to try to replicate her recipe and I was just now cutting the Bok Choy--before even washing it--and found a miniscule bug. That was fine and I was about to cut that part out when I found one that's good 3/4-inch long (dead but really deeply embedded). I know bugs are a good sign, and my mom would roll her eyes at me and chop that part out too, just like worms in apples or corn cobs. But honestly, would you be okay with this?