A few things

Here's that Jell-O shots book I was working on last spring, making its debut at Urban Outfitters. In it I quoted my friend the physics professor and NIH Pioneer Award Recipient talking about the process of solidification. So even if nothing else comes of this project, at least now she'll have something impressive to add to her credentials.
You're never to young to help make Jell-O shots

A few weeks  ago my friend Jackie (with whom I used to work at B&N and who now works for my former boss from a job I had before B&N) came over and we made a bunch of shots for ABRAMS' sales meeting for the spring list. 

A neighbor with a little boy Wally's age gave us a fantastic train book and Wally is now fixated on creating a "snow plow" train using soap bubbles (all the while hoping of course for another blizzard: "Where's the snow?" "It melted." "We gotta find that one.")

salt, oil & flour + food coloring
And one last thing. 

Alex created a little stir over on Facebook about his homemade, whole wheat fettuccine noodles which were absolutely outrageously good. But if you are picturing a charming scene with Puccini in the background, Chianti splashing about, and bunches of fresh rosemary and basil hanging in the window, you can disabuse yourself of that fantasy immediately. The table was full of Wally's homemade play-dough, the drying noodles were propped up with a Goya can,  we managed to scrounge up a single room-temperature beer to share, and in between mixing and rolling and cutting the noodles and the play-dough (not to be confused), Alex had the TV blaring and was just entranced by every last detail about none other than Charlie Sheen!! This is not entirely fair given that Alex is better informed about world news than anyone else I know probably because he's not American and therefore grew up with the wild idea that "world" includes other countries. Anyway he did finally turn off that bizarre public unraveling when it came time to eat. I never paid him much attention before (Charlie Sheen), but he seems quite likable, if troubled. 


  1. "I'm fine. Sometimes I overshoot the mark. But whatever...I just won't do it. I will not believe that if I do something, then I have to follow a certain path because it was written for normal people. People that aren't special. People that don't have tiger blood or Adonis DNA." God, I love Carlos Irwin Estevez!! Adonis DNA!!

  2. It takes some Adonis DNA to tell the fettuccinne (why oh why do i want to spell it like it sounds -- fettooocheenee) from the play-doh by sight after a few drinks. Thankfully, we all know that Alex has that Adonis DNA.

  3. He does seem too. Less so on Sunday mornings when he's still fast asleep at close to 9.


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