No more calliopes

One of the 7 screaming girls from last night's post came to visit this weekend with her husband and daughter. She's also 8 months pregnant but managed to stay out dancing at a wedding until midnight on Saturday while Alex and I played with the kids. We took them over to the carousel by the river, then to the playground in the dark, picked up a pizza on the way home and even gave them a bath. Except for bedtime, it was much easier than taking care of just Wally. (Maybe I will have another kid! Funny how people always ask about that -- first it's --are you going to get married? Then immediately asking about kids, then when you have a screaming infant you've been bouncing for over 3 hours while other people eat dinner and drink wine: "Are you thinking about having another one?" [What gave it away?] I wonder if people stop asking once you have at least 2.)


  1. People will still ask. Especially if you have a second boy. "Will you try for a girl?"


  2. Ha, Ha! I only want you to have two for the same reason people really proselytize -- I don't care about you, I just want to make sure we are on the same sinking ship together.;) Today I woke up and thought, "What the @#&* was I doing getting down to Lady Gaga at 6 weeks from giving birth??!" What if I gave this kid shaken baby syndrome?? But you and Alex are truly life savers. I honestly thought I might never dance again -- one of those events that you assume (pray) you will, of course, do again, but that somehow fades away from your life -- like waking up for the sunrise or seeing an old friend one last time. It is amazing how much less old you feel and how much more romantically you can view your spouse when you are are shaking your butt to too loud music and looking out at the Brooklyn Bridge without having to smell the overflowing kitchen garbage or listening to a toddler say, "Ok, now EVERYBODY sing Baa, Baa, Black Sheep on the count of three!" Love you and miss you! Penelope says she miss you and Pick and likes Wally.

  3. It took years before people stopped saying to me "so when's number 5?"


  4. Nobody ever asks me or Rachel if we are going to get married or even have kids. They usually ask Rachel what her father is going to buy her today.

  5. Mo- I think that's true re: sinking ship. I've also noticed a tendency (not from you, but from everyone, including myself) to ask people for answers about the next step in life - jobs, family, moving or not. It's annoying. I'm trying to stop doing it. I can't stop laughing when I picture that scene - toddler requesting Baa Baa Black Sheep + overflowing garbage -- it's no wonder, actually it is a wonder people manage to get to the point where they have kids. Robertal - can't believe you've been silent for so long and then come out with that! I highly doubt that's true. You don't look alike.


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