These are just a few examples. I'm sure my wily two-year old could think of many more.

1. I never remember to cut Wally's finger or toe nails. On the rare occasions we have a sitter, she asks for the nail cutter as soon as she walks in.
2. I like to talk about not living in fear and letting kids be kids but I confess to an insane degree of catastrophic thinking ("I don't see the blanket moving; he's not breathing", "She didn't answer her cell phone, she must have gotten hit by a car" etc.)
3. I've been known to put Wally in front of inappropriate youtube videos with hallucinatory images of bunnies singing to trance music because I needed to get something done (and didn't realize the videos weren't for kids).
4. I have at times employed my sister's technique of a raised middle finger while walking behind Wally (when he can't see). Harmless but totally satisfying and helps me keep my indoor voice while indoors.
5. I let Wally play in the sprinklers on days in the low 50s, no sun. Other parents tell me to change his clothes (sometimes lending me extras) and insist I bring him home.
6. Last September I hesitated to put sunscreen on Wally in a blinding late summer sun because I didn't want my friends to get annoyed with me for holding them up on a walk around Governor's Island.
7. Many times I have tried to use junk food as a means of getting my little wiggler to sit still (but it never works).
8. I find it nearly impossible to go to bed early even though I know I'd be in a much better mood at Wally's 5 am wake up call if I did.
9. On the day of my jello shots get-together I let Wally take an absurdly long nap even though I knew he wouldn't sleep as well that night just so I could finish the creamsicle and margarita shots.
10. Sometimes I tell Wally I have to change his diaper so he'll let me continue reading tabloid magazines. It's the only way he'll steer clear.


  1. It's 11:33 pm and I sit here laughing. My two year old has three scratches on his face that developed in the lst two days and still I have yet to get him to sit still for a nail cutting...Of course, his brother may be the cause anyhow, but I am pretty sure that he did it to himself in his sleep. The kids have been asleep since 7pm and I will be awakened no later than 5:30 am, but somehow here I am.

  2. Goes withot saying a sense of humor is essential to surviving parenthood...and here,especially #4, I love the reversal of applying indoor voice to the parent. thanks for the levity...

  3. You're welcome Tania, glad you can appreciate! Funny I am just seeing these comments now.
    Roo and Moo - I remember reading that comment at the time and feeling so grateful. Sorry I did not answer.

    "The kids have been asleep since 7 am and I will be awakened no later than 5;30 am, but somehow here I am" (11:36) is PERFECT. Every parent I think could relate.


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